【SgVeganCommunity】8 Bukit Batok Vegan Food Places To Eat and Play #1 八个武吉巴督纯素吃喝玩的地点 #1

【SgVeganCommunity】8 Bukit Batok Vegan Food Places To Eat and Play #1 八个武吉巴督纯素吃喝玩的地点 #1

Westies who love vegetarian or vegan food have a list of must-eat places that we agree on.

Bukit Batok is located on the west side of Singapore but many people may find Bukit Batok to be an ulu part of Singapore.

With more housing developments in the vicinity, Bukit Batok is fast becoming a foodie’s destination – especially vegan food.

So the next time you are in Bukit Batok area, or if you are moving into Bukit Batok soon, check out these 8 places to eat and play.


可正因为武吉巴督这个地区正在发展,所以武吉巴督正慢慢的成为美食地标 — 尤其是纯素食。


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